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Returns & Warranties

We adhere to a strict 5 business day's return or exchange policy for all merchandise. Any exceptions beyond 5 days are at the discretion of the general manager and must have valid supporting evidence at the time the claims are made, including Invoice # & Purchase Date. The merchandise must have ALL original packaging and tags. A credit for the merchandise will be applied to your Shiloh account. We do not refund credit cards. (Credits will expire after 1 year if not used) All merchandise without its original packaging cannot be returned without approval.

Restocking Fees are 25% of the order minus the freight on any returns/ exchanges.

Saddles are a $25.00 Flat Re-Stock Fee on Returns. If you wish to exchange your saddle, we can wait for your return, apply the credit and re-ship your new saddle or treat as a new order and credit saddle upon return to be applied to a future order. All exchanges must be shipped back to our warehouse at expense of purchaser and we will assess the $25.00 exchange fee to this return, then re-ship your exchange saddle and any difference in cost PLUS freight to re-ship. (If you have questions about exchanges or need further clarification-please ask- RA must be obtained for Exchanges)

We DO NOT accept returns on the following Items:

  • Closeouts/ Clearance
  • Horse Wear (Blankets, Sheets, Lycra Hoods / Mane Tamers, Coolers)
  • Horse Boots
  • Hay Bags, Carriers or Nets
  • Saddle Bags

If you would like to make an exchange or return, you will need your invoice number and the product number along with photos of the product. Please contact Shiloh@shilohtack.com within 5 business days or receiving your order. Failure to do so will void all rights to a refund or exchange.

Horse Fluids such as urine and sweat are highly acidic. Any suede or leather item that comes in contact with such fluids will bleed and is not covered by warranty at that time. Shiloh Stables & tack, Inc is not responsible for such incidents and these items are non-returnable. All English Saddles can and will loose their dye because of rub marks from stirrup leathers. These marks are results or normal wear and tear, and not warrantable.

We DO NOT Guarantee fit on any products. Horses vary in shape and size and for this reason fit is something we cannot guarantee.

Getting a return Authorization number (RA#)

We request any RETURNS have an RA #. Please email – Shiloh@shilohtack.com or call our office and speak with a customer service specialist to obtain this # within 5 business days of receiving your order. Please keep in mind that all returns/ exchanges are subject to Restocking Fees of 25% of the order minus the freight on any returns / exchanges. We DO NOT provide Call Tags for items being returned at the expense of the buyer for any reason. It is solely up to the buyer to return all goods by the carrier of their choice and at their expense.


I ordered the Wrong Item, what do I do?

If you accidently order a wrong item please reach out to a customer service representative at the above emails and request an RA#. Upon receiving this #, box your goods up with all original packaging and tags and ship to our office @ 371 N Bilhen St Troy NC 27371 ATTN: RETURNS. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay for all charges related to shipping the goods back. If you realize the mistake and your goods have NOT BEEN SHIPPED, call our office immediately to correct this mistake. Please have your company name and order# from your online order submission. You may locate this# under your online account in the tab called "Order Management". Restocking Fees Apply

I received my Order; my customer no longer wants or dislikes the product?

Please reach out to a customer service representative at the above emails and request a RA#. Upon receiving this #, box your goods up with all original packaging and tags and ship to our office @ 371 N Bilhen St Troy NC 27371 ATTN: RETURNS. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay for all charges related to shipping the goods back. Restocking Fees apply.

I received my items, they are damaged / defective?

If you receive an item and believe it is defective / damaged please email our customer service department immediately. Include your company name, invoice#, product id#, description of issue and a photograph if possible of the issue.

We have no control over merchandise once it leaves our facility. Shiloh Stables & Tack, Inc. is not liable for damages incurred during freight transit or user initiated damage. Loss / Damage to parts incurred while product is in use are not warrantable. Warranties are NON-Transferable.

Items can only be returned by the company whom purchased the goods originally from Shiloh Stables & Tack, Inc. Due to the nature of our business we do not accept returns or speak to individual end-users of our goods. All claims or warranty issues must be brought to the attention of our dealers and all claims MUST be filed thru them. Once claims have been made the dealers will be advised how the claim will be handled, so that they may confer with their customer on the process. Shiloh Stables & Tack, Inc reserves the right to REFUSE any packages received without proper RA# or shipments from end-users without proper authorization. This may end in a result of non-resolution of your issues and no refunds to be issued.



Shiloh Stables & Tack, Inc. offers a 5 year limited warranty for the TREE on certain English & Western saddles only and is covered under REGULAR use of the product. Please refer to attached warranty tag for specific warranty related questions. Warranty does not cover damages resulting from commercial use, misuse or accident, modification / alteration of the hardware /software, tampering or improper maintenance and care.

Horse / Dog Clothing or Wearable Items

Due to hygiene, sweat, animal temperaments and urine we cannot warranty items such as Blankets, Sheets, Coolers, Lycra Hoods and items that are worn by horses / dogs. We cannot guarantee against ripping / tearing on any animal such as blankets, sheets, hoods, halters, leashes, collars, dog carriers and mask. Blanket straps, buckles, halter buckles / hardware does break under certain stress point and are not guaranteed against any breakage. We do offer replacement straps for sale and items can typically be repaired at a local repair shop.

Hay Bags / Nets / Carriers / Round Bale Nets

Due to the nature of use of the above products and how they are used, we do not warranty any hay items. Our company cannot properly identify on these items if it was product default or nature of the animal, overload on item or improper use. For these reasons we cannot warranty any items in which are used for feeding or carrying hay.