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Showman Stainless Steel Leather Nose Multi-Ring Hackamore

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The Showman® Stainless Steel Leather Nose Multi-Ring Hackamore is a versatile choice for riders looking for gentle yet effective control over their horses. Featuring durable stainless steel 5 1/2-inch multi-ring cheeks, this hackamore offers several attachment points for reins and leads, allowing for customizable rein placement based on the horse's needs and the rider's preferences. The black leather padded adjustable noseband provides comfort and ensures a secure fit, minimizing potential discomfort for the horse while enhancing control.

Additionally, the hackamore includes a black leather curb strap, which aids in stabilizing the device and providing additional control cues. This combination of stainless-steel construction and leather components not only ensures durability and reliability but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. Ideal for riders across various disciplines, from trail riding to training, the Showman® Stainless Steel Leather Nose Multi-Ring Hackamore is designed to foster clear communication and trust between horse and rider, promoting a harmonious riding experience.

  • Stainless steel 5 1/2" multi-ring cheeks for versatile rein attachment.
  • Black leather padded adjustable noseband for comfort and secure fit.
  • Includes a black leather curb strap for stability and additional control.
  • Ideal for various riding disciplines, providing gentle yet effective control.

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